The Soul-Full Sanctuary

Discover how to make real and lasting change so you can finally be the empowered, happy and fulfilled soul you've always had inside you.

Society has taught us to think backwards.

Think about it…

Surrounded by a sea of filters and edited versions of each other, it’s easy to feel isolated. We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for happiness. We get stuck in a cycle of “never enough.” Whether it is never enough money or food - or stuff -  or even never enough of ourselves.

You start thinking you must be the only person feeling anger and sadness - and that makes it even harder to access the tools to actually heal from your past, fulfill your soul, and move forward.

Right now, this is you…

  • You go from one crisis to another – you carry ideas, mindsets, and emotional struggles that are getting in the way of the life you truly want. You are so ready to find a better way to live.
  • You've struggled with anxiety and overwhelm for a while now - too long, if you’re being honest with yourself. You want to show up as the best mom/partner/professional you can be, but there’s too much going on in your life.
  • You may be going through a major life transition - relationship issues, divorce, financial worries, suddenly becoming a single parent - and despite all the books, programs, and masterminds you’ve tried, you are still wondering what’s the best way for you to move forward with resilience and peace.
  • You want the healthiest, most fulfilled version of you and your family - and to wake up every Monday morning excited to get out of bed - but you’re honestly unsure where to begin.
  • You want more - to feel happy and empowered but you’re left wondering if it’s actually possible.

Because I bet you’ve tried a few times (that’s why you’re reading this!) and perhaps it stuck for a bit, but slowly self-doubt, fear, and anger creep back in - and you think, “Well, I guess this is it for me.”

Well, this is not it for you. There is something better for you.

You simply need the step-by-step guidance and serious support to start creating that change -  that new foundation - and make it last.

The Soul-Full Sanctuary

Chances are, you are here today because an emotionally tough time has hit you hard. And you are unsure what your next move is. It feels difficult to focus, decide what’s best for you, and stay consistent.

It’s as if your emotions are controlling you - every single second.

You think that there’s no one who can truly help you through this process so you find yourself drowning in a sea of self-help books, spiritual leaders, the latest trending blog - you name it.

That’s exactly why I created Soul-Full Sanctuary. I want you to have ONE safe space that’s guaranteed to help you find solutions that work for you.

I know this because I was once you…

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My Story

As a mom of three boys, I found myself transported from a stable life to one filled with crisis. Everything changed!

In fact, nothing in my life right now looks like my life 6 years ago. My marriage of 18 years ended, my business partnership and company of 11 years closed down, and everything around me was spinning out of control. I had to make the conscious decision to make it through.

Above all, as I started to heal myself, my senses started opening up differently. There were many times I would sit alone wondering if I was going crazy, unable to fully make sense of what was happening to me.  I now know it was my own healing and spiritual awakening.

What I realized is that crumbling of one life, meant the awakening of another. And it gave birth to allow me to consciously design my dream life - with stronger, healthier relationships with the people around me, my children, and most importantly, myself. Armed with a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology,  and over a decade working as a therapist, I help other people do the same.

I combine my background as a Registered Psychotherapist and Counselor with graduate degrees in Psychology, Homeopathy and Spirituality to serve as a healer and intuitive. Using different energy modalities and my expertise in metaphysics - after working with world-renowned intuitives and mediums - my passion is helping you rediscover or perhaps discover for the first time how to take control of your emotions once and for all.

The truth is, you too are a healer (but you might not know it yet). Together, we’ll get past your anxiety, anger, and sadness - not merely cover it up - so you can be the best version of yourself and start living your life’s true purpose.

Jessica was very accurate and gave me great insight and advice while being understanding.

Jessica is very warm and welcoming. I felt very calm and open and I was amazed at the accuracy and reality of what she was saying. During the healing I felt serene.

I came away from this experience feeling much more comfortable and excited to proceed with the topics discussed. I feel my results were insightful and important.


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Your Safe Place

The Soul-Full Sanctuary will help you...

  • Finally understand how your feelings, emotions, and behaviors impact your daily actions - which ones you can keep and which ones are no longer serving you.
  • Give you personal life foundations - healing tools and strategies - to finally let go of stress and anxiety so you can access your true purpose.
  • Learn to make better decisions for yourself and your family while shutting down those negative voices - and develop greater confidence.
  • Incorporate, not only, traditional therapeutic techniques, but also integrate energy clearing, energetic shifting techniques, and in-depth healing and understanding to really shift what’s going on at the core - not just cover it up.

Learn to live YOUR truth so that you can live an empowered life - fully designed by you.

Think about the times you’ve thought...

“I know I can make a change - but what’s the right path for ME?”


“I want to find a better way to react to my emotions and fears, but something takes over me. Is there a way to control it?”


“There’s a lot of talk about peace and happiness - and I want that for me and my kids. How do I get started?”


Well, the secret no one’s been telling you is that you already have so many of these answers inside of you.

Now, I can see you shaking your head in disbelief. But it’s true. The problem is we don’t know how to access it.

The other secret?

Change does not have to take a long time. All it takes sometimes is a moment of understanding, clarity, and healing so that everything can shift.

Getting Soul-Full

As a member of The Soul-Full Sanctuary, you get:

  • 2 Live Group Healing and Meditation sessions each month - during this group session, we will learn how to calm down the overstimulated nervous system which affects all of those swirling thoughts and emotions - and prevents you from fully being able to listen and trust yourself. Together we will carve out time to open up the new intuitive gifts and heal together. Group healing is extremely powerful as all of the energies come together to uplift every single person in the group - think of it as supercharged healing.
  • 1 Empowering Live Collective Conversation each month - gain tools, clarity and understanding in these unique collective conversations. These conversations will uniquely blend psychology, metaphysics, and spirituality while giving you lots of tools to work with and choose from in your daily life without the overwhelm. In this membership you will be getting everything you need - and so much more!
  • Soul-Full Sanctuary’s Private group access - learn from a like-minded community ready for real change. Ask questions, bounce around ideas, and receive intuitive answers and support 24/7!
  • Plus, you get access to all archived healings, meditations, and workshops from the group - learn on your own time. Go back and refresh a certain area where you are feeling stuck, ask questions, and go deeper with your growth.

Join now for only $40 per month! Everyone should be able to gain access to personal healing and insight. That is why I have made this super affordable. And once you are locked into a price, that will never increase for the duration of your membership and you can cancel at anytime.

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I needed a lot of guidance for my relationship problems and Jessica was able to provide me with that. I felt very soothed and reassured after the session. I feel like the information she received was very accurate and was confirmed to me after the session. I was given much needed insight and comfort.

She also helped me with my acne problem and delved into its root causes.


I can't express how helpful and specific, dead on - correct the reading was. Not only was I hearing what I needed, but sometimes what I didn't want to come to terms with, but already had a feeling about. The interaction was really human. I absolutely loved it! I feel a lot more confident about what I need to do.


Why Soul-Full Sanctuary?

Sure, you could keep going at it alone or piecing together a hodgepodge of ways to make it through your day - and you know what? Some days it just might be ok.

But you aren’t looking to feel ok - am I right?

You are looking to feel empowered, happy, and fulfilled.

The problem with many therapists, energy workers, and healers is that most are locked into one way of doing things, instead of looking at the full picture.

That’s why Soul-Full Sanctuary makes it all possible.

(Yah, yah - you’ve heard this all before.)

Let me break it down in 4 specific ways...

  • Often programs give you lots of tools but without the guidance of HOW to use them. This is because most programs offer a cookie cutter solution They don’t take the time to get to know which tools will work for YOU. That’s why Soul-Full Sanctuary has been created to help you understand what you need everyday to access that peace and happiness you’ve been looking for.
  • As a trained therapist with a Masters in Counselling Psychology, I take science based knowledge, techniques, and ideas to help you turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs. This is not just a video or audio program with no interaction - I am with you every step of the way answering your questions and offering honest guidance and support. Most importantly, I leave my own ego out of it. I’m here for your success and your growth.
  • Plus, you get the opportunity to share your wins, struggles, and ideas with a like-minded community that’s committed to growing together and making real, lasting change. Community is key.
  • That’s why it’s important that you are someone who believes that change is possible. That your success is worth fighting for. You know that enlisting some honest guidance and support is the key to finding your most effective ways to communicate, building healthier relationships, and waking up every morning with a serious zest for life, while saying goodbye to the anger, fear, and anxiety that has kept you stuck.

I’d say that’s a must make investment.

Don’t you think?

So if you are ready to…

  • Take control of your emotions - once and for all - and find the solutions that work for you and your family.
  • Deal with anger, anxiety, stress, fear and sadness in a structured way with guided strategies and serious support based in science and grounded healing techniques.
  • Increase your self- esteem and learn how to set healthy boundaries so you create thriving relationships with your friends and family - and with yourself!

If you are ready for real change, all you have to do is take the first step. I’ll take it from here.

Join now for only $40/month

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