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Life is busy and stressful.

Home should not be. In fact home should be a loving oasis.

What if we are not adequately equipped to handle long term relationships? When I really started examining the relationships of the couples I work with, I found that the things we have been taught about love are often not loving at all. Often, when we think we are doing something amazing for our partner, we are often shocked to find out that their perception is extremely different from ours causing frustration, conflict and in most cases the dreaded “D” word when people just give up.

If we knew how to have loving relationships, life would be sooooo much easier.

Wouldn't it be amazing not to argue over the little stuff, you know the arguments, the ones that cause a ton of chaos but then you can't even remember what they were about in the morning (or even worse, the ones where you remember EVERYTHING)...

Imagine how it would feel to not blame your partner for everything because you actually feel heard and cared for, or better yet, imagine how it would feel to not actually BE blamed for everything...

Imagine having time for QUALITY TIME...

Imagine actually wanting to have intimacy and sex on a regular basis - and actually enjoying and loving it and each other...

If you can relate, then it is time for a RELATIONSHIP REFRESH

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With the divorce rates spinning out of control, sometimes it feels as if there is no hope. Contrary to popular belief, there is a path to rewarding and fulfilling relationships.

For over 16 years, I have been helping couples find their way again. Through defining what a relationship is and discovering both personal and relationship goals, I have helped couples to regain their compatibility, trust and commitment to one another.

We literally go through a relationship reset and refresh.

I have made it my mission to help people, just like you, to understand and deal with their anger, emotions and relationships in a healthy way.I have developed many programs to do just this. My latest programs are designed to help you meet your own personal goals and needs.

When working with me, not only will you receive a customized program to meet all of your needs, you will also learn tools, techniques and strategies that are easy to use, easy to follow and most importantly, you will learn to implement them into your everyday life so that you will actually use them!!!

My Promise To You When Working With Me:

No matter where you are in life, once you learn to decipher how to communicate properly, what your emotions are telling you and how to deal with them in a healthy way, it is amazing to watch as life starts shifting your relationship troubles away. I have seen so many of my clients shift their lives around quickly and it wasn't as hard as they had imagined, in fact, it wasn't hard at all. They just had to understand it all a little differently and start using the tools and strategies that they were given.

Other Services and Offerings:

  • Couples Counselling

  • Family Counselling

  • Anger Management Programs (Court Mandated & Volunteer)

  • Online Programs

    Online programs are a great way to start the healing, self growth and emotional health journey. These programs offer psycho-educational lessons along with specific strategies to help guide you to where you want to be.

Isn't it time you say goodbye to the crippling effects of conflict and chaos  and hello to a happier, more fulfilling and intimate relationship? Isn't it time you stop fighting and start connecting?

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