What We Want Vs. What We Need – Manifestation

Manifestation We think we know what we want. We talk about manifestation and co-creating but it is only when we take a step back and realize that we actually have no clue what we want or what direction we want our lives to take where things start to change. What We Need What we can…

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Does Perfection Exist?

As I try to let go of all my thoughts and feelings about this journey – I am not a patient person and really just want to get to the other side of this journey …but what would be the fun in that? Right? As impatient as I am and as difficult as this has…

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Choose you

Are you choosing you?

Your journey is about you. What will you take? How much will you accept? How badly will you allow yourself to feel before you say it’s enough? Before you stand up for yourself. Before you stop abandoning you and who you truly are. You are a magnificent soul filled with light and love. How far…

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What are superstitions?

This world is not made up of superstitions and bad omens. That would mean that there would be something inherently evil in this world and evil does not exist. Nothing in this world is set up to harm you. There is however human free will, which is not set up to harm you, but that…

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I Am My Soulmate

I thought I was falling apart because of you. Because I loved you so much that you walking away devastated me. But it wasn’t you at all. It was me. I had walked away from myself long before we ever met and now I have been given the divine opportunity to walk back to myself,…

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Men & Healing

Rick Goodwin, Founder of Men & Healing – Audio Interview

I am extremely honored to have Rick Goodwin join me for a new episode of Brain Healthy. Rick is the founder of Men & Healing ( For nearly 20 years, he built and was past Executive Director of The Men’s Project in Ottawa. As well, he served as National Manager to 1 in 6 Canada…

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Nicole Holland, Business Building Rockstar Summit Founder – Audio Interview

[Brain Healthy with Jessica Ehrenworth with Special Guest Business Building Rockstar Academy and the Business Building Rockstar Summit Founder Nicole Holland at 2:00 PM EST, Tuesday October 18th] Nicole Holland is a Rockstar and coach extraordinaire, helping visionary leaders hunker down and create clarity, focus and action steps to reach their own extraordinary visions and…

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Healing Through Astrology

Tools I use to heal myself I just had an astrology session with the amazing Stormie Grace and boy did it rock!!! It literally put the last 5 years of my life into perspective (or a bit more perspective, I have had lots of “perspective” over the past very stormy (no pun intended) few years).…

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Hey, “Twin Flames” — Love Isn’t a Competition

When we hear people speak about their romantic partners, they often use words like “twin flame,” “the one,” “soulmate,” or “bae.” (For my non-millennial readers, “bae” is an acronym that stands for before anyone else. Yes, this was news to me too, but hence, I digress.) Popular music echoes this sentiment. LeAnn Rimes wonders, “How…

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finding the one

Don’t Let Finding “The One” Stunt Your Personal Growth

Finding “the One”. It’s saturated in the media. Disney princesses, romance novels, Valentine’s day, Hallmark cards — all of them promote the idea that there’s one perfect match out there for us, and it’s our life’s mission to go out and find them. And anyone who’s been in love — truly, deeply in love —…

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