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The healing secret

The secret is that you can’t heal others. No one can heal anyone else. We are all our own healers. Sometimes we need direction in how to heal ourselves. It is up to each person how deeply they want to heal and how fast they want to go.  

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The fear in seeing through to the soul

It scared him that she saw his soul and not the broken man he felt inside. If he couldn’t live up to how she viewed him, then surely, she would leave him one day when she finally realized that he was “only” human. The one thing he couldn’t see as he walked away, was his…

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An unseen force

I will trust you fully, she cried out to the world. Lead the way. After all she had been through, there was nothing left but faith to guide the way. Life had been brought down to zero. She was beginning again, creating her roots and foundations the right way this time. Built on strength, trust,…

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Broken or Whole? You Decide

I hold every relationship I have ever had in my heart. Each one is a part of who I am. Every piece of me that I have thought of as being broken (by either myself or others) has been a gift so that I could piece myself back together and become whole. Not that I…

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I Release The Need To Know Mantra

Mantra I release the need to know. I don’t actually want to know what lies ahead anymore. I don’t want to guess, I don’t want to wonder. I want to let that go, let all of that go. I want to live in the excitement of each unknown moment and know that I am exactly…

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