We either believe in a world that is poised/willing/wanting to give us everything or a world that is wanting to give us nothing. There is no in between.

So, if the world wants to give us everything, why do we need rituals to connect to the universe?

Shouldn’t we connect all the time?

What I have discovered is that we are always connected. The world knows what is best for us long before we even have an inkling as to what we want.

The rituals and things serve us however by placating our ego. They help our ego rest when things often seem unexplainable and backwards to what we often see, have been told or believe.

Rituals also give our ego something to latch onto that may not be serving us to our highest advantage.

Spiritual rituals

The ego is often our worst enemy, the negative voice that so often tears us down and criticizes us.

Rituals often come with the fear of “am I doing it right?” “what if I miss the right time or day?” “I’m screwing it up” “maybe I don’t have the best deck of cards or the purest crystals or the most expensive or best pendulum.” It often gives voice to our worst critic.

In reality, none of it really matters. Nothing outside of you is truly needed. Everything you need is carried within you. We just haven’t learned how to treat our insides as the treasures we treat the things that surround us.

If your intention is aligned, it doesn’t matter if you miss the moon ceremony or the energetic gateway or the portal. There is no right way or wrong way and unfortunately with these rituals we are only trading one backwards way for another.

So, if you choose to have your own rituals or use material things to pave your way, know that there is no right way or wrong way. It is up to you to find your way. The way that makes the most sense and works the best for you.


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