Why do I still have that belief that a romantic relationship is superior to a solo journey?

It is so ingrained in my mind. It is so ingrained in the imprint of my soul.

I am happy on my own. There is no doubt about that. I am enjoying the freedom I have to be my own self. To belong to me. To hug and accept my heart and not long or look to “give it away”.

I love the independence of having my own home with my own energetic blueprint, without having to share the space. I love my space. The comfort of the calm and peaceful energy. I love the relationship that I have built and will forever continue to build with my children. We have come such a long way and are learning how to love unconditionally and enjoy each others company.

I love that my finances are mine and mine alone. I love that I can decide how to spend my time and money. I don’t have to worry about what anyone else will think when I buy what I want to buy. I love that my time is my own and I don’t feel nor am I made to feel guilty about how I spend it. That I get to decide what I want to or don’t want to do. I love that I have my own time to think, to sleep, to bathe, to meditate, to heal, to write, to learn and there is no one there to judge me in any way.

I love that I have a business that I can call my own and that I have been able to figure it out and grow it. I love that I have been able to figure out my life. I love that I am proud of myself and that I am kind and caring and interesting and unique. I love that I have stopped trying to fit in in this world and am becoming okay with standing out in my uniqueness. I love that I am awakening and can empathize and intuit and help others heal. I love the journey I am on and am excited to see where it takes me. I love that I have been able to find the strength and independence and courage to journey this journey.

I still however, long for someone to journey on this journey with me in an active way.  So until the universe so graciously grants that wish and catches up to this current physical world timeline, I will continue to love exploring, creating, healing and journeying on this magnificent journey and everyday I will wake up remembering why I am loving this solo journey. There is so much to love in coming face to face with myself.

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