I am so excited to be speaking with Felicia Marie Gouzelis on Brain Healthy today. Felicia is a powerful master healer and uses The Akashic Records to do so. I have learned so much from Felicia about the records, healing and energy that it didn’t feel fair to keep her a secret. I am so excited that she has agreed to come on and share her knowledge with us today. I know that my life has changed profoundly since meeting her, says Jessica.

Felicia writes “I found myself in a downward spiral, dealing with daily bouts of darkness, depression, anger and rage. Knowing that there was more to life than what I was experiencing, I fell into victim mode, feeling powerless to change any of it. “

“Why are some people completely healing from “incurable” dis-eases? They aren’t just lucky. Any dis-ease you’re currently experiencing was created (by you) to teach your soul a lesson. I help you learn the lesson and clear the energy by acting as a channel for the healing. And I love it. Your life is a fairytale, and whether you’re currently experiencing the best of it or the worst of it, the happy ending is in sight. The light can be brought in to immediately heal and balance any situation that you are unhappy with. Ready to choose the fairytale?”

In this episode learn;

  • What are Akashic Records and how they can help you.
  • What do Akashic Records have to do with healing and energy?
  • How do live a fairytale life.
  • Tune in to choose your fairytale!!

You can join Felicia in her facebook group Angelic Badass Mastermind or on her website at http://www.feliciamarieg.com.


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