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The healing secret

The secret is that you can’t heal others. No one can heal anyone else. We are all our own healers. Sometimes we need direction in how to heal ourselves. It is up to each person how deeply they want to heal and how fast they want to go.  

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Does Perfection Exist?

As I try to let go of all my thoughts and feelings about this journey – I am not a patient person and really just want to get to the other side of this journey …but what would be the fun in that? Right? As impatient as I am and as difficult as this has…

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Healing Through Astrology

Tools I use to heal myself I just had an astrology session with the amazing Stormie Grace and boy did it rock!!! It literally put the last 5 years of my life into perspective (or a bit more perspective, I have had lots of “perspective” over the past very stormy (no pun intended) few years).…

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