We have all felt stress before, sometimes it can be extremely overwhelming and sometimes it can act as a motivator. You might feel that your general energy is low, or you may experience frequent headaches, digestive issues or general aches, pains, and tense muscles. Sometimes stress manifests itself as chest pain and rapid heartbeat which can be very frightening. Then there’s insomnia, frequent colds and infections and loss of sexual desire and/or ability. Do you recognize these symptoms? When stress reaches the overwhelming level there are a lot of things that we can do to de-stress ourselves in a positive, healthy way. I touch on three Strategies for Coping with Stress below:

  1. Relaxing: It is hard to learn how to relax properly. Sometimes we think we are relaxed, but really are just distracting ourselves. That is why people alternate their relaxation tapes. These tapes are often used as a distraction. When we get bored of one, we then go on to use another. It is only once we learn how to get past our own boredom that we really start to train ourselves how to relax.
  2. Taking control of your life: It is very important to feel that you have control over your life and your stress level. Keep in mind that no matter what happens you always have choices. Learn how to find those choices and how to exercise them.
  3. Treating yourself well: Pamper yourself, do something nice – just for you. Do what you want to do for a change – stop multitasking for 15 minutes and just think about yourself. Treat yourself the way you treat others and expect from yourself that which you expect from others.

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