She never had a partner that was able to fully take care of her, or maybe in better terms support her.

She could take care of herself, but when she crumbled, the men she chose never knew what to do. It shocked her as the patterns of past relationships kept shining through.

The more they didn’t know how, the more needy she became, the more they pulled away. A cycle that did not benefit anyone.

She allowed herself to be cheated on the love front.

Being so scared it would not come, she would demand love instead of learning to receive it, because if she didn’t demand or ask for it, it would never come or so she thought. That is how she lived life. Demanding a love that never came. Trying to be everyone’s “everything” to “win” the love that should have shown up without demand had there been a loving partner.

Once she was able to see these patterns she was able to acknowledge that she deserved better. She came to terms with that and let the world know that she will only accept a partner that will love her because they want to. She will not beg for love. She started to respect herself in ways she never had before.

She doesn’t require care.

She wants to be cared for though, even though she could care for herself. She is able to giver herself everything she needs. She does not need to demand anything from anyone. And, if the need for demanding love comes back, that is when she will know that it is time to leave and she will walk away on her own accord.

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