The knowing is in the unknowing. There is something to be said for throwing your arms up in the air and declaring to the world that you actually know nothing. This world as we have been taught it, makes no sense. This world is absolutely backwards.

If it wasn’t backwards, then why aren’t more people happy and empowered? Why are more and more of us falling prey to stress and stress related diseases, depression, anxiety, anger, fear? If it is our human right to find peace and happiness, why aren’t more of us finding it?

The way we have learned to think and function in this world is absolutely backwards. WE have been taught to look outside of ourselves for happiness. But then we are stuck in a cycle of “never enough”. Whether it is never enough money or food or stuff or even never enough of ourselves.

It is challenging to reassemble a belief system as you remain in complacency. It is human nature to follow what is comfortable and known whether that brings us pleasure or sorrow. It is scary to jump into unknown territory – to jump into the abyss – to take that leap of faith.

More and more people are being shook up and moved from complacency to crisis. Why does this happen? This happens because it is the only way to get you to take a deep hard look within and start to build new foundations for yourself. To get you to recognize that the thought and belief systems that we have been using simply do not work. To get you to start questioning and seeking out new answers that you may have not pondered otherwise.

It is in the unlearning of everything you thought was real, of everything you thought existed that new truths make it to the surface so that happiness can be found. It is in the silence that knowledge can be heard. It is in the unknowing that the knowing can be found.


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