[Brain Healthy with Jessica Ehrenworth with Special Guest Business Building Rockstar Academy and the Business Building Rockstar Summit Founder Nicole Holland at 2:00 PM EST, Tuesday October 18th]

Nicole Holland is a Rockstar and coach extraordinaire, helping visionary leaders hunker down and create clarity, focus and action steps to reach their own extraordinary visions and has learned a lot in doing her own tele-summits from scratch. Not only is she the talent behind her uber successful Business Building Rockstar Summit, she has also been named as one of 50 must follow female entrepreneurs for 2017.

Listen to the replay – http://tobtr.com/9548675

If you have not yet received your free pass to the Business Building Rockstart Summit, get it here before they are all gone. You will also receive the Business Building Success Guide and Workbook, a must have for everyone.

Nicole has had her share of challenges that have tried to hold her back, but nothing can get in her way and stop her. Today Nicole talks about what it is like to put together such a successful summit, how she got her start and how she has amassed such a following of thought leaders in this industry.

Come join us and find out exactly how Nicole has harnessed her own potential to create a brand that pays it forward. If we are lucky, maybe she will share some of her secret tips on building her successful rock star business.

Listen to the replay – http://tobtr.com/9548675

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