It is a scary place to be when you are in a transition such as the one you are. Believe me when I say, I have been there.

I have been to that place where fear takes over.

It is a challenging place to be. It is often when your head starts spinning and so do the circumstances around you. Everything feels out of control. You search for answers to no avail, and just when you think you have found the solution, your thoughts take over and you start doubting yourself all over again. That is when the pattern repeats itself and you are stuck in a spiral going anywhere but up.

Allow yourself to face the fear, as scary as that may be.

It is the only way to make it through.

It is when you stop running from it, when you stop wishing that it go away, that it starts to disappear. It is when you start to make friends with this emotion, when you start to look at it in a whole other way. Start to listen to its whispers and everything that it has to say; only then do you start to transform the fear.

Fear is very wise.

The lessons that it holds in store for you, if you will only allow it to teach you.

It is on the other side of fear where things start coming together in ways that you would never have imagined possible. Allow yourself to get to that other side. Release the fear.

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