There is a problem when we talk about racism and hierarchy. And don’t think I am not talking to all of us. No one is omitted from this problem.

The problem is that we are all too quick to blame, to get our backs up so the spotlight will not shine too brightly on ourselves.

There is a big problem. A problem that is being magnified and it exists all over the world in each and every one of us and there are no exceptions.

The bar should be challenged. It should be moved. I agree with that and so does – it seems- most of the world from what is going on with the state our world is in.

We sit in our own little corner not realizing that every time we put a judgement on ourselves, on our friends, on our family, on our acquaintances, we are creating the same crime we are calling others out for. We are creating a divide even if it is “only” through self hatred. Those inner thoughts of “I do it better than you,” “I have a bigger house,” “I have more money,” “you have more knowledge than I do,” “please tell me I’m right,” “please tell me I’m enough,” “please tell me I’m loveable.” It is all the same. It all does the same thing. It creates a divide, a barrier to a caring, loving, supportive culture.

We should be moving the bar, YES! We should be moving the bar on tolerance and becoming more tolerant, changing the bar on racism and bigotry and hate. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, moving your bar to be less racist and hateful (there is always room to move to more unconditional love to both self and others).

There are so many bars we should be moving, but to do it we need to stop pointing fingers and blaming and start learning to shine the spotlight within. Move your bars, move your judgements, move them to be more loving, supportive and caring to yourself and human kind.

It is only through you that freedom exists. So stand up and take that stand. Shine your light as bright as you can. Be honest with your self so you can forever move your personal bars.

This journey is about you and only you.

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